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How to apply

Required Documents list for Scholarship

1. Guizhou Minzu University Application for International Admission and Scholarship Application Form(Applicant Signature needed);

2. Photocopy of your valid passport page;

3. 2-inch photo, white background (the head occupies 2/3, the size is no less than 320*240, the size is 100-500KB and the format is jpg.)

4. Highest diploma and Transcript photocopytranslation notarization of English AND Chinese;

5. Foreign Physical Examination Form (Examination date within 6 months);

6. Personal Study Plan;

7. CV (Resume)in Chinese AND in English;

8. Two Recommendation Letters ( a must for postgraduate degree applicants );

9. Personal Insurance Certificate if you have;

10. Certificate of HSK 4 if you have, if you don’t have, you need one-year language study before major study;

11. If you are under 18, you need the following documents for application:

①Parental Formal Guardianship Letter of Entrustment in English and Chinese (parents’ signature needed);

②ID of applicant’s parents;

③Letter of Consent of applicant’s guardian in China in English and Chinese (guardian signature needed);

④ID of guardian in China

12. Examples of Art and Music Work (Only for the applicants applying for Fine Arts, Music, Dance or Architecture)

PS. All the documents in hard copies should be sent to Guizhou Minzu University and electronic version should be sent to :gzmuadmission@sina.com; and the original copy are needed when registered.

Contact: 0851-83613075; QQ: 435000551


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