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Guiyang City Life
Guiyang is a plateau region, about 1100 meters above sea level. Guiyang annual average temperature of 15.3℃. The average temperature of the hottest late July 24℃.At late of January is the coldest average temperature of 4.6℃. No cold winter, no hot in summer. The air is not dry, the Four Seasons is not sand. So Guiyang has another name is Cool City.



Ø Southwest China

Ø Six districts and three counties

Ø A population of 4.5 million




GuiyangLocal Food

► Guiyanghas many local delicious food, such as Changwang Noodle , Crispy duck, Vegetarian Spring Rolls ,etc.





GuiyangTourism Spots

• Guiyanghas many tourism spots; the background image is Huang Guoshu Waterfall. It is the world's third largest waterfall. 77.8 meters high, 101 meters wide .Of course, Guiyang has many other spots, such as Hongfeng Lake, Qianlin Park, Qingyan Ancient town, etc.


There are many national minorities live around Guiyang , They have very special customs and very hospitable.



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