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The Delegation of Japanese College Representative Students Visited GZMU

In memory of the 45thanniversary of China and Japan relationship, on August 31, the delegation of 99 Japanese college representative students organized by China-Japan culture communication committee visited GZMU.

Accompanied by vice President Wei Wei, the delegation visited the art college of GZMU. Wang Yafei, Secretary of the Party Committee of the college of arts showed more than 10 workshops to the delegation, such as printing, water-color painting, sketching, silver ornaments, sewing, dyeing, woodwork, hand-made leather, fibre art, Chinese painting, oil painting, ceramics, brocade, embroidery and calligraphy. The participants enjoyed appreciated all the landscape painting of Guizhou and extraordinary silver ornaments.

The delegation visited art professors' workshop

The delegation visited fibre arts lab

Watching the hand-made artifacts

The art teacher draw live painting

The delegation had further understanding and showed great interest of the Chinese minority culture and arts creation through Wang Yafei’s commendatory.

After that,the delegation attended the conference in five groups. The leader of the delegation Xiaoli Kangping, the famous director, Wang Lin, the lead teacher of Chinese group, Zeng Li, the director of International cooperation and exchange office, Lu Yin, the deputy dean of Foreign Language College, Chitian Shanghong, the translator attended the conference. There were 20 student representatives from both China and Janpan attended the conference.

The conference site

Communication among Chinese and Japanese college students

Xiaoli Kangping expressed that this is a rare opportunity of communication, and it is also an extraordinary and meaningful travel of culture exchanges. He said that language is the base of each nationality, the blending of China-Japan culture showed an open and developing society.

Xiaoli Kangping delivered a speech


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