Deputy Director General Mr. Somnuck KOUSONSAVATH and the Delegation of the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports visited GZMU-国际交流合作处网站
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Deputy Director General Mr. Somnuck KOUSONSAVATH and the Delegation of the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports visited GZMU

On September 20, Deputy Director General Mr. Somnuck KOUSONSAVATH and the Delegation of the Lao Ministry of Education and Sports visited GZMU and had a conference at No.1 meeting room. Mr. Somnuck KOUSONSAVATH, Deputy Director General, Ms. Thipphasong KHAMSOUKTHAVONG, Deputy Head, Ms. Sonesouda KANTHAPHOUM, Technical Staff, Wei Wei, vice president of GZMU, Zhang Hong, dean of college of International Education, Zeng Li, Director of International Cooperation and Exchanges Office, Xia Jingang, Vice dean of college of International Education attended the conference. There are also other relative directors and 20 Lao overseas students’ representatives attended the meeting. The conference was held by Zhang Hong.

The site of the conference

During the conference, propaganda film of GZMU was showed to introduce the school conditions, faculty and staff, talents cultivation, teaching and learning achievements.

Vice president Wei Wei warmly welcomed Lao delegation.She pointed out that the International communication and collaboration was attached great importance. We work closely around International cooperation among universities, and strengthen platform construction and expand open reform. She mentioned that our university had built up teaching and learning relationships with Lao, Thai, Vietnamese and other 30 countries. We had built up profound friendship with Lao since 2002. At present, most of overseas students in our university are Lao students, approximate 130, there are other 60 new students enrolled on October this year. She impressed that this visit plays an important role in improving friendship and expanding communication and cooperation. She hoped that there will be new development in the various aspects of our educational cooperation with Lao.

Vice president Wei Wei delivered a welcome speech

Mr. Somnuck KOUSONSAVATH expressed his thanks to our warm reception. He also clarified the reason why he came to visit. For one thing, he hoped to enhance the friendship between Lao and GZMU; For another, he came to learn the study situation of Lao overseas students. During the conference, he kindly talked to overseas students, and he hoped that we could strictly manage Lao overseas students and help them fully improve themselves.

Mr. Somnuck KOUSONSAVATH delivered a speech

Li Ke, the Lao overseas students’ representative expressed his sincere thanks to Chinese government and Lao government for providing overseas studying conditions. He said that GZMU has taken good care of these overseas students, the university also provide colorful after-class activities. He appreciated this overseas study opportunity, and he will came back to contribute to his hometown after graduation.

Li Ke, Lao students' representative gave a speech

Zhang Hong introduced Lao overseas students’ life and study situation in our university.

Zeng Li introduced relative enrollment policies and situations of Lao overseas students.

The delegation of Lao Ministry of Education and Sports and GZMU sent souvenirs to each other and took a group photo. After the conference, the delegation visited Yifu Library and campus environment.

We sent souvenirs to each other

The delegation visited Yifu Library

Group photo


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