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The Chairman Of Administration Committee Of Guizhou Minzu University Prof. Zhang Xueli And His Delegation Visited Hungary


11月15日上午10点贵州民族大学书记张学立教授与匈牙利布达佩斯技术与经济大学(BME)校長János Józsa,签署合作协议。

Photo of Prof. Zhang signing the Memorandum of Cooperation with BME


At 10am on Nov 15th, Prof. Zhang Xueli, the Chairman of Administration Committee of Guizhou Minzu University (aka GZMU) has signed the Memorandum of Cooperation with the President Mr. János Józsa of Budapest University of Technology and Economics (aka BME). Dr. Balázs Vince Nagy, the Vice President of BME hosted the ceremony.

The delegation was attended by Prof. Tang Desong, the Dean of School of Music and Dance GZMU, Prof. Zeng Li, the Director of International Exchange and Cooperation Office, the Deputy Director of School of International Education of GZMU, and Mr Feng Zhen, the Deputy Director of Party Office of GZMU. Ms. Cai Bin, the President of Guizhou Chamber of Commerce of Hungary (aka GCCH), Mr. Ruo Li, the Consultant of GCCH, Ms. Song Jufang, the Secretary-General and the Vice-President of GCCH, also participated in the signing ceremony.

In the afternoon, the delegation visited Mr. Wu Hua, the head of the education group of the Chinese Embassy in Hungary, and Ms. Huang Qiying, the Vice President of the GCCH, attended the event.


Group Photo


On Nov 16th, the delegation from GZMU and Ms. Cai Bin, the President of GCCH, Mr. Ruo Li, the Consultant of GCCH, Ms. Song Jufang, the Secretary-General and the Vice-President of GCCH, and Mr. Gong Lingxi, the Director of GCCH, visited Confucius Institute of Hungary. The delegation also had a symposium with Ms. Mao Hong, the Dean of Confucius Institute of Pećs University, and teachers of Pećs University.

At the symposium, with the theme of promoting traditional Chinese culture and art and sharing Hungarian culture and art, the delegation and attendees reached mutual exchanges providing the better opportunities for future cooperation and development. The visit of the educational delegation from Guizhou Minzu University reached a successful ending with its visit to Hungary.



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