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Undergraduate programmes

1) Entry requirement:

a) high school diploma;

b) the certificate of HSK-4 or higher rank;

c) Applicants without HSK-4 need to study Chinese at School of International Education till they pass HSK-4. Students who study Chinese Language and Literature and Law must pass HSK-5 and pass HSK-6 during the study period.

d) Meeting the requirements of the physical examination

e) Required to have a certain economic conditions, except first class school scholarship

2) Majors:

a) Business administration (40 students)

Main courses: higher mathematics, management, public relations, microeconomics, macroeconomics, principles of statistics, basic accounting, etc.

b) Tourism management (40 students)

Main courses: introduction of tourism, managerial principles, western economics, consumer behavior theory, psychology of leisure travel, tourism economics, HRM in the tourism and hospitality industry, the anthropology of tourism, etc.

c) Chinese language and literature (40 students)

Main courses: introduction to linguistics, introduction to literature, ancient literature, modern and contemporary literature, contemporary Chinese language, ancient Chinese, foreign literature, etc.

The applicant who does not succeed in HSK-4, is permitted to study Chinese at School of International Education and enter undergraduate study after passing HSK-4 test.


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