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Sino-German Cultural Ambassador Ms Wang Lan and... May 22, 2018
Guizhou Minzu University Attended 2018 EXPO HIG... May 15, 2018
The 2nd Sports Festival of GZMU May 21, 2018
The Water-Sprinkling Festival held in the Colle... April 17, 2018
2017 Awarding Ceremony of the Chinese Governmen... April 16, 2018
2017 Workshop on Theory and Applications of Opt... September 25, 2017
Deputy Director General Mr. Somnuck KOUSONSAVAT... September 20, 2017
Techniques of Social Work Practice in the United States 2013/06/24
History of Social Welfare in the United States 2013/06/21
Application of theory in human behavior in social work 2013/06/17
2013 International Conference on Language Education Policy Apr 2, 2013

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