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Introduction to the Office

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation
Zeng Li

Office Profile

    The Office of International Exchange and Cooperation is established to foster collaboration and exchange with universities around the world. Its duties include promoting international exchange,maintaining and enforcing cooperative relationships with foreign universities and institutions, and providing counseling, coordination and services for foreign experts, international students and visitors at Guizhou Minzu University.


Services provided:

  1. Promoting international academic and educational exchanges with foreign universities and institutions.
  2. Providing help for foreign experts and teachers with visa applications, orientation, housing and health insurance.
  3. Dealing with alien resident permits and re-entry processes for foreign staff.
  4. Assisting foreign staff with adjustment to local the environment. Encouraging and arranging for foreign staff to participate in various kinds of activities and local festivals, such as the Moon Festival, New Year etc.
  5. Helping Chinese staff with the visa application procedures for going abroad to lecture, or attend international conferences.
  6. Assisting overseas students with visa applications, orientation, housing, medical services and insurance.
  7. Organizing all kinds of academic and cultural activities for overseas students.



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