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How to apply

Procedures of application

1.Submit Application

Chinese Government Scholarship: register on the website of(http://www.campuschina.org), and post personal documents to the Office of International Exchange and Cooperation. Formore information, please visit【FAQs aboutChinese Government Scholarship Application】.

Other students: download the application form from the website of Office of International Exchange and Cooperation(http://oic.gzmu.edu.cn)and email the filling form and other documents to gzmuadmission@sina.com.

2. Application Time

a) Chinese Government Scholarship: February to April every year

b) Non Chinese Government Scholarship: March to June every year

c) Students can apply Scholarship of Guizhou Minzu University after enrolling in the school.

3. Qualification Examination

Office of International Exchange and Cooperation will examine the applicant’s application form and other documents after receiving them, and will inform the applicant the results that whether she/he can be accepted in two weeks.

4. Issuing Letter of Acceptance

After reviewing the qualification, Office of International Exchange and Cooperation will issue a letter of acceptance for international students and the visa application form (form of JW202) to the applicant.

5. Obtaining visa

The applicant should go to the Chinese Embassies and consulates to apply for visa with her/his passport, photos, the letter of acceptance issued by GZMU, the JW202 form and physical examination certificate.

The applicant can apply for Visa X1 with the help of School of International Education after him/her enters China with other visa.

6. Enrollment

Register at School of International Education following the date of “Admission Notice”. After arrival, you need go to the local Public Security Bureau Exit-Entry Administration for the relevant procedures within 24 hours.


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